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In today’s slightly volatile job market it is always a good idea to start saving today for funds that you might need tomorrow. As with most things financial, saving starts with a plan. … (read more…)

With transportation and grocery prices eternally rising, putting a little money away each month has become more burdensome. Having an emergency savings,however, will prepare you for a financially rainy day and save you money in the long run. … (read more…)

It’s amazing to learn that many people overlook the simplest ways to save the money they earn. A few simple changes in lifestyle can create a hefty nest egg in just a few years’ time. … (read more…)

When money is tight, raising your credit score might fall down on your list of priorities. However, a lower credit score can make money even tighter by making it impossible to get a loan without a sky-high interest rate. When you’re paying high interest rates, that’s even more money coming out of … (read more…)

With both smart spending and investing, you can avoid falling into debt, be ready for retirement, pay for college and build a savings account. The number one money pit that Americans fall into is credit card debt. While having a few credit cards is a great way to establish credit, restraint shoul … (read more…)


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